An interactive photo booth that—in the tradition of Victorian spirit photography and New Age aura photography—reveals ghostly images of its past users.

The photo booth and printed memento it produces reflect on alienation, community, and how we imbue our technologies with the power to reveal and communicate with speculative worlds—from séances to Second Life and Pokémon Go—that exist alongside our own.

Created in collaboration with human-computer interaction designer Rachel Ng.

Audio by Bubblegum Crisis

My role: Concept, hardware and software development, physical construction

The familiar form of a photo booth becomes a site for interaction, collaboration, and play. It’s a tool to be manipulated, complicated, and subverted by the people using it.

Next project

Traces souvenirs

These souvenirs/memento mori are printed on oversized receipt paper at the end of each interactive photo booth session shown in Traces.

The Superstructure

A video essay maps and reflects on a visual ‘superstructure’ generated by a community of artists over twenty-five years.

The Superstructure performance

In an accompanying performance, a drawing machine materializes communal networks for visitors in real time.

Headlands Center for the Arts

Imagery generated in The Superstructure forms the identity for a related event, taking on different qualities across a range of media.

‘A Campus Divided’ archive

Essays and archival documents live side-by-side in this online exhibit and database.

Anxy magazine

Design and art direction for Anxy, a magazine about our inner worlds.

580 Split

How should a contemporary digital literary journal look, feel, and behave?

Radical Art Theory Tuesdays

Digital posters, distributed via email, take advantage of their intimate scale by overwhelming the small screen.

Nature 2

Examining the conflicted, shifting relationship between nature and the built environment, and the creation of a new, hybrid landscape combining the two.

Code experiments